Post birth surgery Spine Bifida

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Post birth surgery Spine Bifida


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Ivonne Howell

We still need your help to repair Spine Bifida. Our precious girl is in God's plan.

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Our baby has been diagnosed with Spine Bifida, a condition where the spine is open or the child is born with a split spine. In the past learning of this condition led many parents to choose to abort their child. As Christians, we know God loves this child, she is in his plan and He is trusting us with a precious gift so we are determined to love this baby however she arrives. But we cannot do it alone and ask you to help us. Our original attempt to obtain open fetal surgery to close our baby's spinal chord has failed.  My wife passed every exam but our baby was simply too small to survive the surgery.  Doctor's will not perform the open fetal surgery past the 24th week, for risk of sending the mother into early labor.  Thus, we waited to the 24th week and our baby just was not big enough to survive.  Our next recourse will be to carry baby to term then when baby is born via C-section, she will be taken immediately for emergency surgery to close her spinal chord.  Our first attempt at open fetal surgery was more desirable.  It would likely have provided a better quality of life for our baby and avoided many surgeries we now face for the future.  So thank you to all of you who prayed and donated for our first attempt at surgery.  It just did not work out so we humbly ask for your continued prayers and financial support.  Since our first attempt at the open fetal surgery was ultimately not approved, insurance has now gone back on their original assurance to cover all expenses leading up to that surgery.  Thus, we now face many uncovered medical bills which are rolling in by the thousands of dollars at a time.  More are expected since we already know we will now have to pursue this surgery once the baby is born.  She cannot survive with an open spinal chord.  We both work very hard, and will continue to, but do not have the resources to cover everything and obviously will not be able to work during the birth and post birth procedures for an indefinite amount of time until our baby is strong enough to live on her own. Please help.  Thank you and God bless.  

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