Ideas for Raising Money

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There are many traditional and fun new ways to mobilize funds for a cause. Some of the ideas for raising money are:

  • Regular or annual events

    UFrom marathons to talent shows or concerts or even sports tournaments, these can be ways to raise awareness for your cause, get more attention and also reward participation. Oddball events that play off your cause like Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl can be some of the best fundraising events in terms of successful outreach.

  • Yard Sales

    You can ask supporters to volunteer unused items lying around which they can drop off at a pre-decided location. Check the quality of the items before putting them up for sale. You can promote the date of the event on social media, flyers, community event share sites etc. and have some volunteers on hand to help during the event.

  • Raffles

    You can sell raffle tickets for a prize like gift certificates, artwork, travel packages or electronics or even items relevant to your cause. You can also ask organizations if they’d care to donate the prize for the raffle.

  • Volunteer Skills

    Instead of money you can ask people to volunteer their skills, maybe someone who is a doctor could offer a free clinic day. A landscaper could pitch in design a garden for a school or a construction team could help fix a damaged building.

  • Charity Auctions

    From bachelor/bachelorette auctions to a meal with a celebrity or tickets to an exotic location, you can hold auctions for your cause live/ online.

Many other ideas are out there such as free T-shirts, calendars for participants, Bingo-nights, Charity Galas, petting zoos or tree planting parties. If your church has a carol group then you can incorporate fundraising into it and let the residents know ahead of time. You can even send carol-grams or offer pictures with Santa. There are so many fun ways to raise money, use your creativity to achieve your goals!

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