What is Group fundraising?

Group fundraising is...

a method of fundraising that encourages the revolutionary power of “We.”

Breaking it down

Campaign creators on WonderWe have the ability to invite their family members, friends, co-workers, teammates, and other supporters to be administrators on their campaigns. Administrators have the ability to modify the fundraiser description, post updates, promote the fundraiser, and view analytics for the campaign. By amplifying the power of “We,” campaign creators no longer have to be alone in their fundraising efforts.

To get started, simply launch a fundraiser on WonderWe, and directly invite a core group of individuals to help be administrators for the campaign.

The benefits of Group fundraising

Tap into the exponential power of your network's network.

Team spirit

By launching campaigns with groups, you’ll never have to fundraise alone again. Group administrators can help edit, promote, and provide feedback for campaigns.

Wider reach

Activate individual networks to raise money and grow your supporter base exponentially by Group fundraising. Group fundraising enables you to reach people you would never have accessed individually.

Better ideas

By uniting the power of “We”, Group campaign administrators can have multiple set of eyes to help review and launch a campaign. The Group feature provides an opportunity for multiple campaign administrators to share their skills and talents to most effectively launch a successful campaign.

So how do you add administrators to your campaign?

For personal campaigns

For organization campaigns

Why does Group fundraising work?

The problem with traditional crowdfunding campaigns is that there is only the ability to have one administrator. But how do you know how to crowdfund if you have never launched a campaign before?

With Group fundraising, multiple campaign administrators can leverage their skills, talents, and networks to optimize the success of a campaign.

Why should you care?

A well-executed Group fundraising campaign can bring in more money for your cause and establish new relationships for future giving.

Campaigns can seem more achievable to launch by uniting the power of “We”. You never have to fundraise alone again.

All campaigns on WonderWe are ready for Group fundraising and it is completely free.

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