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About WonderWe

  • Crowdfunding site with peer-to-peer features
  • Organizational portal for multiple administrators
  • Platform that can host unlimited campaigns
  • A new and alternative way to give that can be linked directly to organization’s websites
  • Mobile and desktop friendly donations platform

Why choose WonderWe?

  • No Monthly / Platform Transaction / Setup fees
  • Campaigns can be launched in 10 minutes
  • Unites Board Members, Volunteers, and Donors to raise funds for any cause
  • Generates automatic thank you receipt letters for tax purposes
  • Innovative features to amplify the power “We”

When can we use WonderWe?

  • Special Projects
  • Giving Days
  • Special Events
  • Emergency relief
  • Capital campaigns
  • Everyday operating expenses
Unlock powerful premium features

WonderWe Pro equips you with easy-to-use, robust tools that help you set up a campaign in just minutes.


Domain Name

Create your own subdomain name in just minutes.

Personal branding

Personal Branding

Design your own campaign with features like customized templates.

Multiple administrators

Multiple Administrators

Managing a large campaign becomes easier when you are able to appoint multiple administrators with our Admin feature.

So how does a fundraising page look like, once it is created?

Here’s one such example.

Let's get started!

  • Sign up for free
  • Build a campaign in less than 10 minutes
  • Complete organization’s profile page
  • Share campaigns with supporters
  • Recruit peer-to-peer promoters
  • Connect with media to help share the campaign

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