What is Viral Video?

Viral Video is...

a way for campaign organizers and supporters to send videos to personally ask for donations.

Breaking it down

Campaign creators on WonderWe have the ability to record videos and share with family and friends to rally support for the campaign. The videos can be shared through email and provide a direct link to the campaign.

To get started, simply launch a fundraiser on WonderWe, and click on the Viral Video Button.

The benefits of Viral Video feature

Tap into the exponential power of “We.”

Reach out to supporters far and wide

Sometimes it’s hard to sit down with key supporters to ask for direct support. By utilizing the viral video ask features, family members and friends can reach out to one another who might live far away to make the ask more personal and engaging. Imagine little Suzy who lives in Texas sending a video to Grandma Betty to ask for support for her elementary school or a pastor sending a personal video to each family at his church for a capital campaign.

Relationship Building

The viral video feature encourages dialogue by initiating a conversation about the campaign in a fun, personal, and engaging way. Supporters no longer are limited by just sharing the link to a campaign page. They can build on key relationships by sharing a personal video message and new supporters can continue the support by inviting their own friends to create videos as well.

Increase the Fun

The viral video feature can have multiple supporters create videos and personally promote a campaign. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a very successful campaign that rallied supporters to donate in a fun way. The viral video encourages supporters to join the fun by sharing viral videos. Share a fun challenge with family and friends by recording a viral video ask.

So how do you launch a viral video ask?

Why does a viral video work?

The problem with traditional crowdfunding campaigns is that there are very few opportunities to engage the campaign organizers and donors beyond social media. The viral video feature engages campaign organizers, donors, and supporters by sharing personal videos and challenges. test

Why should you care?

A well-executed viral video can bring in more money for your cause and establish new relationships for future giving. Campaigns can seem more achievable to launch by uniting the power of “We”. You never have to just share a campaign without having the ability to add a personal video. All campaigns on WonderWe have the viral video feature and it is completely free.

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