Helping the less fortunate

Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Helping the less fortunate


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Helping the less fortunate

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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: April 18, 2020

Hello, I have noticed a lot of people not having enough money to pay rent or their utilities once the lock down is over..I know over ten million Americans are out of work and everyone isn't as lucky as you an i to be able to continue to work and provide for what's important for us..I really want to give back to the less fortunate or anyone who is having a hard time..I have started this fundraiser and it's proceedings to go to the local housing for the less fortunate or to just lend a helping hand to someone's rent or personal need like food stuff for their children etc..I'm not asking for people to donate a lot but a dollar here an there can go a long ways I'm ready to help the community how about you.

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