Just had a baby now homeless in car

Mountain Home, Arkansas


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Just had a baby now homeless in car


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Nicole Heath

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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: February 29, 2020

Hello my name Nicole Heath and my husband is Bryan Kellem we never have done this asking for help but really in a very bad situation right now. We had our son 2 days ago and currently homeless in our car with our son and it's really cold outside. We don't have any family or friends in our area and hardly have any gas in our car to drive anywhere we called our local homeless shelter but they don't have any room available right now for us they said we are extremely embarrassed having to ask for help right now on here but have to do what we have to right now. We have very little diapers, baby formula, husband and I haven't gotten to eat for 3 days and extremely hungry every little bit would help. We found someone willing to rent a room for us for $250 a month with all bills included just needing the help to reach the goal to get the opportunity for us to get the room and at least $50 so we can get some food to eat as well as diapers and baby formula. If anyone could help us reach at least $300 or even more we would very much appreciate it. Really needing to get gas in car where we can go try to file for food stamps and WIC. We are very desperate right now for the help we have been homeless for nearly a month now as we both lost our disability checks and with barely any gas in the car right now we can't be driving to try to get my husband a job with very little gas our gas light is on and nearly about to be below the line of completely empty like I said we really hate asking for the help but desperately in need of it right now ASAP. WHEN WE GET WHERE WE CAN HELP SOMEONE OUT WE WILL PAY IT FORWARD!!!! Anything helps please don't hesitate to reach out to us thank you very much for reading and God bless you all.

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