Restore the Ship Window

Wellfleet, Massachusetts


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Restore the Ship Window


58% funded

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1st Congregational church UCC

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Wellfleet UCC

Historic United Church of Christ in Wellfleet Village, a home for God's people for 300 years!

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: July 20, 2018

Due to a catastrophic Northeaster this Spring, we suffered damage to the church's beautiful ship window. This window is beloved in our community and has graced the church for more than 100 years! Please help us in raising the money to restore it, and to preserve the stained glass windows of our church for some time to come! Many of you have inquired as to how you can help, and this is one of the best ways! We need your support and your prayers, but importantly, we need to fund this project! It will cost us at least $10000 to repair all the damage from this storm, and we cannot raise it on our own. Please help!

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