Food for Mothers and Children

Minto, North Dakota


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Food for Mothers and Children


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Category: Pro-life

Start Date: July 22, 2016


Saint Gianna’s Maternity Home serves the Body of Christ as a pro-life home of formation for pregnant women and their children.  We offer a peaceful, secure, Christian family environment in a rural community which provides a place of quiet reflection and redirection.  Women have access to medical, educational and professional services.  Saint Gianna’s is licensed by the State of North Dakota.

The women and children at Saint Gianna’s live as a family with the staff of housemothers and the Director.  And with all family life there are groceries to be shopped for, meals to be planned, prepared and served.  In this Year of Mercy, we are humbly requesting food for our mothers and their children…to feed the hungry and give drink to the poor.  Our request is for $2,000 per month towards our food bill for a total of $24,000 for the year.  We would be so grateful for your support and monetary help with this project.


Joan Schanilec, Board Member

Saint Gianna’s Maternity Home

Minto, ND

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