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Michael Sproul Memorial Fund


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Isaac Lanctot

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Category: Memorials

Start Date: July 10, 2017

Michael spent his whole life giving to others and had a direct effect on helping tens of thousands of people through his work in Vivint Gives Back. We hope this fundraiser can show Meg and Michaels family the love and support they so desperately need at this time.
We are asking for help as Meg makes the transition to life without her sweetheart. The medical expenses related to recovering his body from the trail is extreme, as well as other costs associated with his passing.

Megan Monk Sproul lost her incredible husband Michael on the afternoon of July 1. Michael and Meg were always seeking adventure. While completing a bucket list item of hiking to Havasupai Falls, Michael became very dehydrated and passed away. Life flight helicopters were sent in to rescue and send water to all the kind people who gave their last waters to help Michael. Michael died doing what he loved but most importantly spent his last few days on earth with his sweet wife Meg.

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