Saving James Wood

shawano, Wisconsin


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Saving James Wood


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James Wood

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Connie Connolly

Hey! My dad needs to raise funds to fight stage IV cancer of the liver. We have tried to do this alone as family but its not been easy. Please we need you friends and concerned helpers. Save a soul and God replenish.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: June 26, 2017

Hello All, me and my girl friend Connie decided to come together to save my sick dad. 
He has been fighting liver cancer for the past 6yrs. I must confess, hes a real strong fighter. 
We hope that with your support we can help him live longer by providng the necessary medical 
assistance and support he needs. 

Please find time to drop a line of encourage, a prayer and whatever you can support him with. 
He will be very appreciative and we also jointly aprreciate you.
With love,

Mark & Connie for James Wood!

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