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Theophilus Adediran

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: October 14, 2020

IMG_20201013_211118.jpgTheophilus Babatunde Adediran, a 40-year-old young man at heart with the world
ahead of him. He liked to play pool; beating everyone that he
ever went against. He was good, he was more than good he was
excellent. He went to the university studying --- and had gone for
the national youth service (NYSC) and enjoyed helping his community.
Until one day, he had gone out with his friends and had a mental
breakdown with no knowledge of what was going on. To the point were
his friends had hold him down for his own safety. He arrived home
seemingly okay, his friends explaining to his mother what had
happened throughout the day. He denied it; not knowing anything had
happened. Two years later he had a severe mental breakdown and was
unfortunately diagnosed with schizophrenia. From then on, he went
from bad to worse; currently on medication he is the shell of the
man he used to be before. Due to being on the medication has added a
lot of weight, became anti-social rarely ever leaving his house.
But you have the chance to change the course of his life; every
pound/dollar you donate goes towards much needed medication, therapy
and a fitness trainer. Every pound/dollar you donate brings
Babatunde back to the man he used to be. Please could you find it in
the goodness of your heart to donate so that this once happy, lost
soul could be brought back to the fun, pool playing, community
loving man he used to me. God bless, amen.

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