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Little Rock, Arkansas


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Help Keiarra get Art supplies


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Keiarra McCoy

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Keiarra McCoy

I'm Keiarra I am 23 and I love meeting new people. My faith in God is very strong^-^. I deal with some problems that get to me sometimes but I know God will make a way.

Category: Arts & Entertainment

Start Date: February 15, 2017

Hello I'm Keiarra McCoy and I need your help to get the supplies that I need. This year I was blessed to be picked to be an Artist in the artist alley at the anime convention and it's always been something I've wanted to do was who my decoden skills. I have until Apirl to get the supplies that I need to finish these things. Any amount will help me with my goal, I would really appreciate it if you could help me.Thanks for taking the time to read this and God Bless you all!

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