Help Pastor Pol pay for his Eye surgery.

Oklahoma city, Oklahoma


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Help Pastor Pol pay for his Eye surgery.


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Pastor Pol Diaz

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: October 6, 2018

A few months back Pastor Pol was out working in the church yard. He was burning some brush that needed to be taken care of.
During  this time a spark flew into his eye. He was surprised by it and washed his eye out immediately. He thought it was ok.
But as months passed he has slowly been loosing his sight in his left eye. His vision is at 50 % in that eye. He has gone to the eye specialist. She recommends surgery before he loses total vision in his left eye. We ask that you please help us out in this time of need. It doesn't matter how small or big your donation is, we greatly appreciate them all! Thanks in advance for your generosity and may God bless you and your family for helping us out! Thank you!!

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