Help Elderly Man Get His Life Back

Hesperia, California


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Help Elderly Man Get His Life Back


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Tony Romero

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Category: Community

Start Date: June 6, 2018

After 47 years Tony Romero lost his beloved wife, due to 4 years of dialysis treatment. I wanted to help him, he has been like the grandfather to me I never got to have. His wife use to help him sell at the swap-meat in Fontana CA. She meant everything to him. He became very depressed after she died and he started drinking thinking that would help with cope with life, but it only made things worst. He finally stopped drinking. Then he told me some of his customers use to give him coins on consignment and he started to take an interest in coins and enjoyed talking about them with his customers. He said if he had the funds to purchase some coins to get started again he would do that. I told him I would try and help him raise the funds it will take about 5000.00 to get started. Once he sold them he can purchase better quality coins. Any donation large or small would be so appreciated. Thank for taking the time to read this, God Bless You.

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