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Berywn Heights, Maryland


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Training Wish Human Life International


20% funded

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Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Berwyn Heights Maryland

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Katherine Hunter

Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Berwyn Heights

Category: Pro-life

Start Date: April 17, 2019

Requesting donations to sponsor our local team for the following training materials from Human Life International. Thank you for supporting our community! 

What Is A Pro-Life Activist? $5.00

The Mission of the Pro-Life Movement $8.00

The International Abortion Issue $2.00

10 Abortion Myths $5.00

Abortion and Violence: The Pro-Choice Movement Exposed $5.00

Abortion: Legacy of Contraception $5.00

International Pro-Life Leaders Tell Their Stories $8.00

Battling Coporate Giants and Pro-Life Investing: How You Can Make A Difference $5.00

How to Build a Culture of Life $5.00

Pro-Life Training Course for Hispanics in the U.S. ( English Language Version) $35.00

A Pro-Life Pastoral Handbook $8.00

First the Spiritual, Then Take Action $5.00

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