Property Cost for Hugs Shelter Outreach

Jonesboro, Arkansas


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Property Cost for Hugs Shelter Outreach


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Holly Younger

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: December 14, 2019

Hugs is an upcoming non profit to be built in Jonesboro, Arkansas that will serve eight different counties within the state. Hugs stands for --HELPING US GROW SPIRITUALLY -- Our whole organization will be centered around God's word and God's will. We plan to build 4 shelters. One for women and children and married couples , Shelter two will be for Veterans-Disabled Shelter three will be for men and men and children , and shelter four will be for recovering drug addicts We will also have a huge community outreach center that will provide resources unavailable anywhere in NEA. We will have programs that are much needed such as Beyond Scared Straight (like the TV show) Felons program which will teach job and life skills and secure jobs for felons unable to obtain work; After School-Life school which will teach kids 4-18 yrs the things that regular school just doesnt teach; S.A.M which will be a program centered around suicide prevention and many more! We will also have a good pantry, free child care, and several different support groups. We will be building our shelters and outreach post from recycled and repurposed materials. Which we will be reliant on from local businesses in our area. As well as volunteers to help us do the building. The only real cost will be the land we need to build on. Your donation will help change lives and the way of life.

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