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Duluth, Georgia


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New Life


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Ashley Laird

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: February 18, 2020

I am trapped in a verbally and financially abusive marriage. I have been working with services to get us help but in our state, I have to have a job and home in order to retain custody of my children. Knowing this, my husband has taken my car and made it impossible to renew my driver's license. He also refuses to put money into our joint account so I can make sure our kids to have what they need. I've found a place to stay and a job that is willing to work with me, but I have to have my DL, working vehicle, and deposit for the house before I can move forward with my kids, so they can have a better life. I've contacted churches and other organizations but they cannot help me in this area. I'm praying that there are some persons who are able to help. Thank you and Blessed Be you all.

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