Diving In to help Vietnam Flourish

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Diving In to help Vietnam Flourish


20% funded

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Matthew Kus

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Matthew Kus

My life has been impacted greatly by two things, my faith, and meeting international citizens, and my future will be a mix of both!

Category: International & Travel

Start Date: March 16, 2018

I am raising money to cover my airfare for my trip to Vietnam (soon-coming) where I'll be backpacking! Just a teaser: Dancing, Interviewing, "Business-Venturing" (if that's even a word), teaching English, Catholic Volunteer work, and more!

(Being a college student my income is limited as is, and my savings/income are already being saved for my volunteer fees, travel/living expenses, and my visa and other medical related things)

Vietnam is now undergoing a major transformation. The younger generations are forgetting the war, and older generations are retiring from old feelings. This united shift forward from the war has allowed Vietnam to grow exponentially, and they are moving away from being an "underdeveloped country." As they grow, problems are now being acknowledged, and as the country grows I hope I can make even a tiny impact to help direct them in the right direction!


Having moved over 10 times throughout my life (just an example of the impact it had one me, I went to 4 different high schools) I have lived firsthand experiencing how different communities interact, and how there are so many cultures within the US itself. You can just imagine multiplying that number of cultures infinitely to completely embrace all the different lifestyles of all the communities across the world!

I have lived in poor areas, wealthy areas, lived in seemingly dangerous environments, classy environments, and have constantly been changing myself little by little with each new culture, while growing to shape my own unique individual.


From those experiences, I have learned to search the gems in every community I have lived in, “Life is more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.”

― Jimmy Buffett

 I have grown a deep curiosity to understand the values which every person lives by from their past childhoods in diverse environments. I want to explore what makes a society great, and by what standards a society is even considered “great.” And I have developed a bit of an "entrepreneurial spirit" in immersing myself into new projects. AS a college student I am already at the "rock bottom", the only way is up!"

I am now backpacking to Vietnam to get a glimpse of where their nation is currently at in every aspect and see where the cracks in their foundation are, and then hopefully turn some of their Coal into Diamonds!

I created this mini-fundraiser as an extra effort to help spread the cause (although I am by no means a social media buff) The donation scale is inaccurate because I am also raising money outside of this site! Cheers! 



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