Hope for Itrel

Garland, Texas


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Hope for Itrel


4% funded

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Itrel Leland Monroe and Christine Rewolinski

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Christine Rewolinski

I am Itrel's step-mother.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Itrel, my husband's son (my step-son) was a functioning non-verbal autistic boy with a full life. He walked into the hospital July 20, 2017. After one month at Children's Hospital in Dallas, and one week in ICU, Itrel was transferred to Our Children's Home Rehabilitation Hospital. He is in a vegetative state as a result of several strokes which occurred after his shunt surgeries. We expect to bring him home September 13, 2017. We are looking for all necessary hospital equipment pertinent to his care, particularly a wheelchair-accessible van, motorized hoyer lift and hospital bed, an over-the-bed table, a supine standing table, suction machine, pulse oximeter, and reclining mobile mesh shower chair. Insurance will provide these items for one household, but because Itrel's care is divided equally between two households we are in need of a second set of these things. Insurance will not pay for a van. We will also need to modify our bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible. Please remember us in your prayers, Christine Rewolinski and Itrel Leland Monroe

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