On SocSecDisability (16yrs+) addl need

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On SocSecDisability (16yrs+) addl need


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Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit)(self)

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: January 15, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ...

This is going to be a strange request, because it is an ODD SITUATION. I am looking for Financial Help and if possible Legal Help too... A shorter, descriptive of situation Video is available via YouTube at: https://youtu.be/YHDX6I3jHKo

Greater/fuller details: My initial immediate plea for aid, and further down an extended need for Help to clear this up....

I am on Social Security Disability (since 2004) and therefore was desperate to receive the $1200 Covid Relief Stimulus ASAP (to provide my very tight, month to month, Budget, some padding) so I took BAD ADVICE (from some saying it would speed up getting Stimulus check, when it was likely true that SS recipients would just as quickly get them at same time as Taxpayers with Returns on-file) and Filed a 2019 (ZERO TAXABLE INCOME, as the SSDI is Tax Exempt) Tax Return. It appears, at least according to the IRS, I accidentally Filed it once in April and then again (exact, identical, accidental) in May (I do NOT recall doing so, but Stress is often one of my issues/concerns and with that at times I can do something in a panic and with the stressed times my memory goes wonky and may have thought I did not File that return yet (so, not likely, but plausable as they say I Filed it twice (but, again, anyone with common sense could/would understand what happened BUT INSTEAD....), come Nov 2020 I find this out because some MORON, lacking any and all common-sense, government IRS Agent, decided to take upon himself or herself, to unauthorized, improperly, INVALID, and IMO potentially illegally, to create an "amended 2019 Return" where-as duplicating the Income (again, exact same tax exempt income on each copy) which then created a TAXABLE SITUATION. Again, all unbeknownst to me, until I got a CP22A Notice from the Austin TX IRS Office (despite my having Filed my Return with the Fresno CA office as instructed by my Free Online TurboTax Return printout)! 

I, of course, immediately the next day tried calling the IRS to dispute. After hours and hours, and many call transfers, spoke with a Ms. Chadwick (IRS ID 1003225825) in which office I do not know, she did not say (I called using 800 numbers), nor did she provide a direct call-back number, who said with assuredness, she and her Supervisor agree, I DO NOT OWE ANY 2019 TAX, and would issue a REVERSAL ORDER to my Notice... But, of course, time passed, I heard nothing back from them. I did, however, did finally hear back from Detroit IRS Tax Advocacy Services Office that I had also initially Faxed their available online "Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance" (OMB Form # 1545-1504) form to on Fri Nov 27, 2020 11amET from a Ms. Berry (IRS ID 1000236951 (and assigned me a Case #) but subsequently have not heard back from nor any of my calls returned to date and on Wed Jan 13, 2021 got a DEMAND LETTER (Notice of intent to LEVY) for outstanding (BUT NOT IN ANY WAY OWED, AND THEY WERE NOTIFIED IT IS DISPUTED) from still yet another/different IRS (this time, Kansas City, MO) Office! Of course, with the Govt, the left-hand doesn't know what the right-hand is doing, and never cross-communicate! 

So I am in dire-straights need to raise the $1685.97 (and growing because, of course, they demand interest daily) to be able to cover the TAX NOT OWED while I still continue to dispute! Depending on when they levy, if they do not accept my appeal of levy and those who are supposed to be advocating on my behalf get this over-turned, it will cause MAJOR PROBLEMS. They could potentially levy my Social Security Check which would wipe out nearly an entire Month's Check or if they go at my Bank Account and catch it on a day shortly after my SocSecDisability Check is Deposited it would virtually wipe out my Account and I would have trouble paying Bills for the Month (and likely issues with paying Bills for several Months to come as I would fall further and further behind on them with each passing Month until caught up in time (likely 6-9 mo's)! Or, worse, completely zap my Bank Account to ZERO and really cause issues as a few of my Bills are on AUTO-PAY (deducted Monthly, directly from my Bank Account, rather than me sending a Check and able to try to FLOAT SOME BALANCE DUE over time)! Therefore, my Friends, you can see I am in immediate hurry to raise these Funds to have on-hand should they w/o any furhter warning just ATTEMPT TO SEIZE THE FUNDS they claim, which are NOT, DUE!

Separately, or IN ADDITION TO needing to raise these Funds, I AM IN NEED OF A TAX ATTORNEY that would offer PRO-BONO Services, as I may likely only get this resolved (as I had to my initial SocSecDisability claim, I understand they just blanketly/automatically REJECT claims and that took a year to get resolved by Court Order) via the Courts and therefore in need of a Tax Attorney that can help me iron this out. THIS IS CRITICAL I GET THIS INVALID/IMPROPER AMENDED 2019 RETURN OVER-TURN AS IT COULD AFFECT MY SOC-SEC BENEFITS GOING FORWARD!!!!! If the SocSecAdmin gets this improper/invalid 2019 Return they could Rule I have OTHER INCOME (WHICH I DO NOT) and use it as a basis to improperly DROP MY DISABILITY CLAIM AND CHECKS going forward (making me then in need of a Disability Attorney Services all over again to have to Fight to get it reinstated (which I hope it won't come to)!

So, again, as you can see, this is an ODD REQUEST and one I can only make here as previously I was able to use FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER that people graciously help me with when I had a previous Financial Crisis (Thank you to all that helped with that)! But, as of 4th of July 2020, FascistBook has permabanned me. It appears some Atheists didn't like my VOTE BIBLICALLY (see http://VoteBiblically.com and my related articles: http://tinyurl.com/SomeTwistJesusWords and http://tinyurl.com/ForGreaterGood) related Posts and FB used that as an excuse (Politically motivated) to permaban me (and while I am indeed on other Social Media Platforms (including FB alternative MeWe) they do not have Fundraiser functionality as part of their services/functions))!

Thank You in advance!

Take Care and GOD BLESS you!

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