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Health/Financial issues at tipping point


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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: January 4, 2020

I post this fully/admittedly recognizing that there are some others in even worse conditions/shape than I ((probably not advisedly the best way to start a Post but I'm HONEST to a fault) and my Heart hurts for so many others and I wish I could be part of WonderWe to try and Help others rather than ask for it for myself/family), but none-the-less my options are few. This is NOT just about me but about my need to be able to aid my Sister in Caring for our Mother (Dementia)! All the lengthy (cuz I felt the need for a long HONEST outreach - even the smallest of Gifts appreciated as with others will add up) details below (if you'd be so kind as to look): 

Before I go any further - FULL DISCLOSURE: I  have a Facebook Fundraiser, because Facebook Friends were kind enough to Help me back in 2018 during a similar Crisis, but alas this time around (though many are again chipping in) it is clear Funds will not make it to needed Goal and I need to reach out to my extended Christian Family (and Friends and Strangers alike at GodsFamilyRoom Taylor MI have helped me some with some Cash already)!

Dear Friends and to whom it may concern..

I don't really know what to say, how to word it, so I'm just going to lay it out raw (probably somewhat rambling)! I have been on SSDI and MediCare since 2004 (several Health Issues, piled upon each other) and not working and barely getting by (but, yes, thankfully, far better than some who are literally out on the Streets, I have been able, thus far, to keep a Roof over my Head)(also my Sister has her own Health and Financial issues and therefore can't assist plus we are dealing with my Mother and Dementia (with all the Emotional and Financial stress/strain/concerns (short and long term) that is causing)). Beyond saying that, I'm just gonna cut/paste (then edit to expound a bit) my final comment in response to a Facebook Post I made about my Car needing to be back in the Shop. 

I hate to do this, but have little option but to ask for Aid (more detailed reasons) via this GoFundMe [mini 1/3 update, I've tried that route, but GFM is going nowhere, as (of course) people are mostly only moved to Give to those in the throws of Cancer (like I was in 2020) or other immediate Life threatening needs, so I am reaching out via WonderWe] request. Anything anyone can do is greatly appreciated and hopefully your generosity will be rewarded ten-fold by God's Grace! Thankfully I've been able to stay out of the Hospital and not having had Hospital Bills to pay off (as I had for years following my Leukemia Care racked up several thousand dollars in debt) and appreciate Thoughts and Prayers that I can avoid another major scare (though, I have been recently diagnosed with a Heart Valve issue that will eventually require Surgery which will then be a whole other ordeal)! 

I have tried to be a Caring and Giving person over my Lifetime (frankly, my personal Christian duty), to Others and Charities while I was working, so now have to swallow my Pride and ask for Charity (hopefully some KARMA) in return now. And, few of you know, and I am hesitant to mention this out of fear for some my question my motives in doing so but a Friend suggested that I include this... I have been in the works with PASTOR RICK DEITERING (WAAM Radio, 1600 AM Ann Arbor MI ( to put together a Charity Fundraiser (that will become annual WAAM telethon) for SUICIDE PREVENTION (in conjunction with American Foundation for Prevention of Suicide Michigan Chapter) that will likely Air (via WAAM, FacebookLive, and any other delivery method we can work out) sometime starting Spring 2020 (so I am right now working toward this event to raise funds for others in need that I will be hoping you may be Charitable toward when the time comes), so I really feel bad/strange to have to ask others for my own need)! :(

And, obviously, I greatly appreciate if you can/will share this with others!

Cut/Paste from Facebook: [My dear Friends, thank you so much for your responses and concerns, but indeed it is the WORST POSSIBLE NEWS:
They tried to talk me out of the last repairs we did, saying it wasn't worth putting the money into it (but I had no choice then and am in the same desperate zero options now).

The coolant leak issue can't be fixed cuz parts are discontinued and no longer available (that is something I've lived with for some time and will have to just keep adding Coolant as needed going forward (about once a week) until I can raise funds for another Vehicle (more on that later).
They will indeed have to pull the Gas tank to replace a dead Fuel Pump (and something about the straps so rusty they will need replacement to put Gas Tank back onto Car) and with it say they will need to replace the old Fuel Lines and the like for fear of Fire hazard. Looking at about $500.

They DIDN'T EVEN really want to fix the car (again this time, saying it really isn't worth putting the money into but I have to have it (to at least be able to get back and forth to/from Mothers (she has Dementia, as I mentioned, and I go there daily to help my Sister with Her (she is Living in with her))) until I can get help to get a different Vehicle) cuz as they say the Frame is so bad they don't really consider the Vehicle very safe and are concerned for my Safety on these bad Michigan Roads (and the car will likely disintegrate if in an Accident - let alone the likelihood, due to it being so old and beaten (177k miles), that other breakdown is likely at any point in the near future and therefore requiring yet more bad money after bad (the car has had like 6 different (some small, small large) repair jobs over just the last 3 years and every time we keep thinking/hoping/praying that would be that last need for it to be in the shop for any reason but have to face reality that this Car is just beyond its safely usable/maintainable timeframe).

But, again,  I had zero option but to band-aid it back on the Road again for now and reach out via GOFUNDME [mini 1/3 update, I've tried that route, but GFM is going nowhere, as (of course) people are mostly only moved to Give to those in the throws of Cancer (like I was in 2020) or other immediate Life threatening needs] to beg and plead my Friends (and Strangers, which I hate to do, as I have been on SSDI since 2004 and zero savings (my Sister has Health and Financial issues of her own and can't help and as I mentioned we are struggling dealing with my Mother's Health (Dementia) and the Financial strain that is causing)) to help me raise at least $4K for hopefully a reasonably reliable different Car (that hopefully won't land up having its own new set of issues (unless anyone knows someone with the ultra-rare occurrence of the little old man/lady local use only near perfect vehicle they are willing to part with for even less than that).

It was last Fall (Nov 2018 I think) that I had to rely on my Friends then for $1,500 Major CarRepairs Bill that people were kind enough to help me raise via Facebook Fundraiser. I do NOT want to ask for funds for this repair job knowing I'm going to have to try and raise like $4k (the more, obviously, the better for the highest quality vehicle I can get (as it is going to have to do me/us for a Decade+)  via GoFundMe [mini 1/3 update, again, this Case WonderWe, I've tried that route, but GFM is going nowhere, as (of course) people are mostly only moved to Give to those in the throws of Cancer (like I was in 2020) or other immediate Life threatening needs] to get another vehicle so will have to run up my Emergency Use only Credit Card (Thank God that is at least available for this immediate Emergency) and then figure out along the way, cutting corners, to work on paying that back down.

The only way I'll be able to get another Car is with Cash (as raised by your generosity) as a Loan, even a small one, if I could even get one (with my Financial state, would likely only be Financed by the RipOff ultrahighinterest outlets running up the cost likely beyond what I can work) would be a major burden on my meager Budget availability and doing so would require that I carry Full Vehicle Coverage and (obviously) another higher monthly cost I can't fit in over the small sum for PL/PD (minimum for Personal Liability as required by Michigan Law) to allow me to have a Vehicle on the Road.]

Most of the plea above was/is cut/pasted from the Facebook Fundraiser that I previously mentioned... Here is more, from the updates (and why I am now needing to reach-out to you kind Folks and fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ....

From my 01/03/2020 Facebook update: One step forward, two steps back.... Good News was/is that I was Gifted a Pontiac Vibe, but the Engine was a question mark.... Bad news (from my Local Mechanic (that has been so good to me these past 3,4,5+ years continually band-aiding the Grand Am) on that Vibe Engine Issue. The Vibe is sound, except for the Engine (Rod is going to destroy it at some point, could be any day or some time going forward). It will need Engine replacement. While it could be pampered (and I certainly intend to do that with this Vehicle anyway, I need it to last 15-20+ years) and may get by another 1 or 2 years it has to be replaced at some point - AND FRANKLY I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THIS POSITION OF NEEDING TO ASK FOR FINANCIAL AID AGAIN IN ONE OR TWO YEARS (plus, of course, Costs of doing so will only be Higher if waiting) so I am still in need of all your generosity for a Used Engine replacement which will hopefully then ensure that this Vehicle will be solid for 15=20+ years going forward and I not land back up in this same situation again in the near future!

[A brief aside: Hope you'll pardon what I don't doubt are still some PRESENT vs PAST context verbiage as I did a brief/quick edit of some of the previously acknowledge cut/pasted (older) info]

Because I have absolutely rambled on way too long in this post/plea and probably very few have made it anywhere close to this far! I appreciate anything anyone can do to Help, including if that only means you have the means and opportunity to SHARE (via SocialMedia) this plea to/with others!

IMPORTANT CLOSING NOTE: I have listed the Goal for $4,000 (for consistency)! What I mean by that is (as you saw above, I started a Facebook Fundraiser and GoFundMe, but it is clear Need will not be reached by/with that limited audience) I have already Raised $1,250 via Facebook and $350 via GFM toward that Goal and the overall/total Need/Goal, across all Platform outreaching, is $4k (though any amount above that will be very helpful in keeping me out of Future need to Ask For Aid again (as, again, I previously mentioned, I will need Heart Surgery (and, of course, MediCare doesn't cover everything (and even with a $0 extra cost MediCare Advantage Plan from BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan (I can't afford the Better Plans, can't fit any $ toward that in my Monthly Budget) NOT ALL Medical Expenses are covered) and/or any other Emergency (old Furnace) that hopefully will not pop-up!

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