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Nichole Aguirre

I am the daughter of Regina Thurman, who died on January 20, 2017, hours after being detained at the Jackson County Detention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Gina's death came as a result of JCDC ignoring her obvious health crisis. It's one more example of JCDC's systemic deficiency and indifference toward human beings. Help us!

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Start Date: June 12, 2017

Kansas City is Mobilizing to Help Us!

So much support has come to us as we move forward for justice on behalf of Regina Thurman, who died so unnecessarily at the Jackson County Detention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. 

So many in the community are heartsick about the loss of this 53-year-old mother and grandmother, who lay dying on a jail floor, begging for help and receiving none.

On January 20th of this year, Gina was detained for a minor violation. She had only been at the JCDC for several hours and died because JCDC staff and nurses ignored her pleas (and my pleas) for help.

THE NEED: Expert Witnesses

In order to fight for my mother and our community, I must have expert witnesses who can provide testimony about what happened, did not happen, and should have happened to my mother.

If you want to help put a stop to the years of abuse and neglect at the Jackson County Detention Center, then this is how we do it! Even a small contribution is warmly welcomed and will be put to this use.

Others have asked, why do expert witnesses cost? The answer is simple: 

First, expert witnesses must be included, or I have no case.

Second, these are people who, like you and me, have to pay bills too. This is a significant part of their professional life. 

Third, not all expert witnesses live in Kansas City. We have to bring them here.

Everyone Has to Know!

Our community is coming together to put an end to this terrible situation, so I'm asking you to SHARE this campaign far and wide! Be sure your family and friends are aware of my mother's story and that this fight is real!

Thank you so very much!



SEE HOW MY MOM LOST HER LIFE AT JCDC: http://bit.ly/2t6snU5

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