One eye corneal crosslinking surgery

DERBY, Derbyshire


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One eye corneal crosslinking surgery


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Sergejs Bockovs

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: October 6, 2018

Dear reader,


I have a keratoconus eye disease with 10% vision left eye and 70% right eye. To stop the disease going further I am seeking for a support of 1800 EUR (~1600 GBP) to make a corneal cross-linking for one eye. Currently the retina is thick enough to make a surgery and if I cannot make it in the nearest future the retina progress thinner and I will no longer be able to go through the surgery but only to make a corneal transplantation, which is twice more expensive.

The price breakdown:

750 EUR keratoconus treatment (corneal surgery)

750 EUR corneal implant (1 ring)

~300 EUR pills and other medicines for up to 3-month rehabilitation period.

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