Equine Therapy for Veterans

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Equine Therapy for Veterans


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Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: June 1, 2016


Laughing Pony Rescue offers veterans an alternative rehabilitation opportunity through working at our rescue farm for abused and unwanted horses. 

Laughing Pony Rescue is raising money for a new shelter and grooming tack stall for the newest member of the family, a very special military donkey named Dynamite.  

Dynamite served in the US Military at Fort Irwin, California where he was used to transport dynamite into places the military jeeps and cars could not go. Dynamite completed his service in the military honorably and now it is time for him to retire. Because of Dynamite’s sweet nature he is going to be our lead “equine” in our new Veteran’s Therapeutic Grooming Program. This program will provide our military veterans and family with a chance to learn about proper ground techniques and grooming, as well as connect with rescue horses and donkey here at Laughing Pony Rescue.

Dynamite came to the ranch in terrific health, was well trained and overall a happy donkey.  Although Dynamite has had an easy transition to Laughing Pony Rescue, unfortunately most stories don’t go as smoothly. Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted and abused horses of all breeds.  Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc. supports all military veterans both animal and human and wishes everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. 

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