25K for 25 Years LCI Campaign

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25K for 25 Years LCI Campaign


28% funded

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Category: Faith & Family


Invest in the Life of an LCI Student

Meet Ejebay from Turkmenistan!

Ejebay is finishing her master's degree in special education.  She has worked with troubled girls in a group home in her country.

"In my country, English skills are very important and I know that my future work will be linked with evangelization, helping my priest in our Christian communities all over the country.

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Be a part of Ejebay's life-transforming year by making a tax deductible donation now. Your gift  supports Ejebay's year of formation in Gaming including living costs, books, and student life activities. 

LCI students pray for their sponsors at Mass, at Adoration in the Sacred Heart Chapel, and on pilgrimage to Mariazell, Rome and Assisi! 


Did you know...?

- Some LCI students come from countries where average income is $50 a month

- For many LCI students, living at the Kartause is their first experience living with other Christians

Every Year LCI raises money to sponsor young Catholics from the East to spend a year in formation, growing closer to Christ. Donations from generous individuals like you make the program run.

Our Alumni

99 of LCI's 478 alumni are now serving the Church as priests, religious, seminarians, and consecrated lay

- 110 have worked as catechists

- 47 have worked in diocesan offices as chancellors, vicars, and secretaries 

- Many, many more are moms and dads raising a Catholic family

Our Goal

We need to raise $25,000 by  October 1st, 2017 to support two LCI students this year. The cost of one student is $12,500.


Asking many to make a donation and join in LCI's mission of transforming the hearts and forming minds of young people for the Church in the East and beyond. To set up monthly donations please click here.

All donations are tax deductible

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