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South Bend, Indiana


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Bilingual Books


100% funded

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Category: Community

Start Date: June 10, 2016


Those who have toured our building always comment on how great our little library is upstairs. It is a fun room, filled with bookshelves, and bean bags. There our children can grab books to read when they are here for programs. We work hard during the year to keep the books organized and sorted by age and reading level. The one sad part of our library is how small the bilingual book section is… we do well with lots of donations of English books but rarely get bilingual books.

We need your help to grow this section of our library! 

Our wish list is about $1,000 long… We raised $500 right away, and now we are trying out WonderWe to get us across the finish line. 

We would love to have to build a few more shelves for our bilingual books for the students to read during summer camp. We appreciate your support! Please consider donating and sharing the campaign with family and friends. 

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