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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: November 11, 2020

Help a Christian in Brazil. His report..

I received a very big blow from a big famous company in my country (which earns trillions for


(First of all I'm sorry that I can't speak English - I used Google Translate).

Hello, I worked in sales, when I met the opportunity to sell online.
I started on a website called "Mercado Livre" and saw that I was starting to sell well.
I hired a helper, we started selling more and more.
I also joined another famous marketplace (which always paid correctly) and also in the

Carrefour (I had no problems with this one too).
Until there was a great opportunity to sell in a very big company here in my

country, considered the largest in the industry and I was forced to hire more people (I was 7

To increase the company, I ended up lending working capital from banks, something around US $ 12,000, certain that I would soon be able to pay, since I sold (on the platform of this marketplace), about US $ 11,000 per month in coffee alone.
It turns out that this company paid after 34 days after the delivery of the product and ended up giving me a blow, as it failed to pay sales, leaving me owing about $ 28,000.00!
I tried to sell on the other marketplaces to recover a little, but the bank interest here in my country is the most unfair in the world!
With debts, I tried to help two employees, I kept them as long as possible!
But in the end, the debts increased, the connections.
I ended up having to close the company and pay all labor expenses (which are very high in my country).
My dream was to make some of my ideas come true (I have invented many things).
I am now working on cleaning dirty lots and I am not seeing how to pay all the debts of the banks (I am looking to negotiate, but with the salary I receive today, it is practically impossible).
I had the dream of still building the first cemetery where it will be impossible for someone to be buried alive (in the world today, millions are buried every year). This is one of my projects (among many).
I have other ideas, but now I can't even think of anything, I spend every day thinking about how to pay my debts.
I don't have my own house yet either, but one day I will - I'm close to 50 but I have a lot of faith in God.
I believe that God will help, I never asked anyone for help (I'm ashamed), but I saw on the internet an opportunity to ask without the people in my city knowing about it.
I trust that God will help me, I ask you to only help those who really feel touched in your heart, (let them be guided by God), because now I have no way to reciprocate - just pray for you.
If anyone wants to know more about my projects, please write to me.
Thanks to everyone who helps with your positive thinking.
I appreciate this opportunity on this site and everyone who reads.e a lĂȘem.

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