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Ludrock 2016


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Category: Community

Start Date: May 13, 2016


Since 2011, Ludrock Nation, through the collective effort of many have raised and donated almost $50,000 to local charitable organizations and worthy causes.

Ludrock has supported The Ludington Area Student Resource Center in 2013 and 2014 and donated almost $15,000, with the help of many, to assist students and their families who are in need of basic life’s necessities.

In 2013, Ludrock paired with the Queen’s Cup Yacht Race and The Ludington Yacht Club and proceeds from the event helped fund The Youth Sailing School in Ludington.

In 2013 and 2014, Ludrock Nation began an annual event performing for residents at Oakview Senior Center.

In 2013 and 2014, Ludrock made donations to The Ludington Auxiliary Police.

In 2014, Ludrock sponsored 2 Lake Jumpers and those funds benefited the Mason County Veterans’ Association.

Ludrock has inspired others to dream such as Musical Minds, a free after school music program at MCE and a ukulele class at Baldwin Elementary School.

Ludrock funded the creation of The Sandcastles Sound Stage to create a permanent space for kids to be inspired.

In 2015, Ludrock brought recording artist The Banner Days to The Scottville Clown Band Shell.

Night of Fright 3 raised 3K for continued renovations at LACA.

Ludrock 2015 generated 8K for troubled youth at Staircase Youth Services of Ludington.

Since 2012, Ludrock Nation has generated almost $1000 and 500lbs of non perishable foods for St. Simons’ Food Pantry.

In 2013, Ludrock became part of Ludington’s Harbor Festival and expanded to a two day event.

As of today, Ludrock Nation has grown to over 900 strong and will have 50 bands participate in Ludrock 2016.

Join the party and support great charities by donating to Ludrock 2016 today!

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