Bicycles for needy children



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Bicycles for needy children


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Jodevon Carcillar

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: January 3, 2018

My name is Jodevon Carcillar and my wife is Joji Carcillar. We are Christian missionaries taking care of needy and abandoned children in Panay Island, Philippines. We help raise children and send them to school. We are receiving funds to help the children with food and school supplies but we are lacking of funds for their everyday transportation fees, the reason why most of them will take a walk almost 2 kilometers to get to school on time and another 2 kilometers going back home. This situation affects concentration on their study. We want to help them atleast to lessen their fatigue on everyday walking as most of them have a household task assigned as part of our program to do in the children's house. We will be grateful to any amount you can share to meet our need. We basically wanting to buy 12 Bicycles for our needy children to be used for school service every class days. Thank you and and God bless.

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