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Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: July 30, 2016

Joey is a happy, spunky 2 year old, 12 lb little Chihuahua mix that is in a rural Missouri shelter. He has tested POSITIVE for Heartworms :( 
If left untreated the Heartworms will be his death sentence!   WE WANT TO SAVE JOEY!!!

This year Furry Kids' Refuge has treated several dogs for Heartworms and it is VERY expensive! The only way we can help Joey is with support, Joey needs an Angel(s).  Currently we are still trying to cover the costs for Rainbow and Luna's Heartworm treatments.  

Rainbow is an Aussie mix and she was a wonderful Mom to the "R" puppies Reese and Rory. Rainbow had to wait to have her treatment until her puppies no longer needed her. Rainbow was rescued off of a chain in a local back yard, she probably lived her whole 5 years out there on her chain and was never given prevention.  

Luna is a also a 2 years old and a Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix. She was used for breeding puppies and also lived outside.  Her owner never gave her prevention or vaccines, all he cared about was how many puppies she could produce.

Between Luna & Rainbow we have already spent over  $700 and adding another $250-$300 for Joey is just something we do not have the funds for right now.

Please if you can help, even $5 will make a difference.  If you can't help, we understand but please share our campaign.

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