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Help Bring Robert Home


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Robert Mina

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Rosemary Busby

I retied after 32 years of full time Admin. Asst. and now work part time. I have a BA in Leadership and Management from our local University. I am a proud Grandmother of five. I am a Women of the Moose member and supporter since 1980. I have worked on many fundraising projects for my community, children and seniors.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: December 5, 2018

Please help bring Robert home to the US. Imagine as a 17 year old teen having to live on the streets of Nigeria and wonder where the next meal was coming from and where could I safely sleep tonight. Robert Mina has been dealing with that on and off for three years now. In one bad situation after the other.

 He has not been in school since he was 14 years old. Robert went to Nigeria on a school study project. He was very ill and had to be left behind by the school group as he was too sick to travel back home. He was actually dumped at a hospital and left for dead by the people he was left with. A doctor there took him under his wing and saved his life. Then he was put in a orphanage and later taken in by a young couple that gave him a place to stay, but no other support. But after a couple of years that did not work out.

The only living relative he has is his father who is in prison and can not help his son as all his accounts have been seized. 
Robert has faced abandonment, starvation, has lived on the streets of Lagos and Zaria, being robbed more than once and shot at leaving him with a brain injury and in the hospital for days. He watched in horror as his friend was beaten and left for dead because he did not want to give up the little bit of money I had sent him for Robert.

The latest blow for Robert was when the Rector for a church school had promised to let him join their group of kids going to visit Alaska. We scraped together the money that was required to fly with the group. But greed prevailed and Robert was told at the last minute he would have to come up with $1300 more as someone else had paid $2300 to let his son go on the trip.Robert nor I could come up with the additional monies leaving him heartbroken, and now without a job, and abandoned once again. 

Currently, he has half the money for a plane ticket and needs to come up with more to fly home on a regular priced flight. The charges are about $500 more to purchase ticket at the ticket counter than the student rate. Robert needs about $750 more for a ticket.

Please help him to come home and have a fighting chance for a healthy and safer life.  

Any donated amount from ($1-$25) would be appreciated at this point.  

I can be reached at or by phone at 541-285-1760 for donation information. 

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