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Greg Ramel's peer-to-peer campaign:

Greg's 2017 Chicago Marathon Fundraising is a fundraiser for Team Our Lady of the Angels 2017

Chicago, Illinois


45% funded

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Greg's 2017 Chicago Marathon Fundraising


45% funded


When I started running regularly at the start of last summer, it seemed natural to try to go farther and farther until I finished a half marathon in November. As I finished that race, I had that crazy thought that maybe I should do the full thing. After a well-earned three month break, I'm back at it and ready (maybe?) to run the real deal.

I couldn't be happier to be able to accomplish this goal in the name of a great cause. My family and I have been fortunate enough to have done quite a bit of community outreach work with Our Lady of the Angels, from tutoring to food drives, and I can attest to the impact they have had and continue to have on the surrounding neighborhood of Humboldt Park. Please, donate whatever you are able (or just send me an encouraging note as I train). It wouldn't be a crowdsourced fundraiser without donation incentives:

  • $20: Song of your choice inserted into the ordered running playlist
  • $50: Pack of six beverages of your choice
  • $100: Personally prepared three-course meal
  • $1500: You get to run the marathon instead!


Every $ donated to Team Our Lady of the Angels directly supports 
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. 

The Mission is completely supported by the private donations (no funding from the Archdiocese or public sources). 

Learn more about Mission of Our Lady of the Angels HERE.
Learn more about Team Our Lady of the Angels HERE

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