The Malama Foundation - Focus Campaign

Laguna Hills, California


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The Malama Foundation - Focus Campaign


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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: October 4, 2019

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We will be providing support services for people with substance abuse and mental health issues.  This would include helping to pay for treatment, sober living housing, food cards, cloths, bus passes, case management, and any other support services that will help a client get back on there feet.  We will conduct an assessment to determine the clients needs, depending on the results, and available resources, and commitment from the client, The Malama Foundation will do our best to help.

A client approved and receiving services from The Malama Foundation will need to make a commitment to sobriety and be randomly tested for accountability.  Client will also need to get meeting cards signed at 12 step meetings, get and have a sponsor, get into a service commitment, and start working the steps.  If violates and or does not comply to the agreement made between the client and The Malama Foundation those services will end.  The length of help is dependent on the clients continued needs and is meant to be a short term solution and support.

The Malama Foundation will work at gaining partnerships with other providers to help meet the needs of our clients.  No money from the foundation will enter the clients hands but paid to the resources vetted and approved by The Malama Foundation.

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