Matt and Hanna 2K2 at Elevation Church

Slidell, Louisiana


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Matt and Hanna 2K2 at Elevation Church


24% funded

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Matt and Hanna Rose

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Matt Rose

My name is Matt Rose and I am a Christian minister. I am married to Hanna and have a son named Lukas.

Category: Volunteer & Mission

My wife Hanna, son Lukas, and I are embarking on a 6 month journey to grow closer to God and improve our ministry capabilities at Elevation Church. The Elevation 2k2 program is designed to train high capacity ministry leaders in the way that they do church. They do this to prepare for the future of the faith. The program is intense and requires heavy amounts of time. Some may think of this journey as an education experience, but for Hanna and me it is a lifestyle shift, one where we run hard after the God we serve so that we can see Him do great things through each of us. Would you consider being a part of our story as we play our part in God's story? Though the program is free and also offers a stipend for housing, other needs still exist for us to live and effectively raise Lukas (our newborn), to travel, and to eat. We are inviting you to partner financially with us as well. The program is 6 months, so we are asking interested participants to prayerfully consider donating over the entire 6 months. Although everyone will have the opportunity to see what God is doing with us over social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.), we are giving those who partner financially a glimpse into the deeper and more intense aspects of our experience by way of a weekly blog.

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