Mark Emerson Donnelly: Catholic Composer

Vancouver, British Columbia


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Mark Emerson Donnelly: Catholic Composer


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Mark Emerson Donnelly

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: June 20, 2019

HI! I'm Mark Emerson Donnelly. I've been a professional musician for 40 years. I've done lots of stuff: opera, recital, musical theatre, conducting; whatever it takes to support my wife, Catherine, and our nine children.

One thing that has been a constant in my musical life is Traditional Catholic Church music. Specifically, I sing & conduct Gregorian Chant and compose in the Classical Roman polyphonic style. My setting of the Pater noster (Our Father) is an example of how I write. For more examples, go to

Though I have written and arranged non-church music, I believe writing sacred polyphony, enhancing Gregorian Chant through harmonization and teaching others how to perform this music in an artistic & spiritual way is the mission on which God has called me to embark.

I am initially seeking $75,000 to pay for recording of my music, production of instructional & promotional videos for Youtube, and to help with the day to day support of my family while I get this endeavour off the ground. My goal is that by the end of summer 2019, we will be in full swing, having Youtube offerings available for choirs and schola to use for fall and Christmas. I also hope to be booking workshops where I can go to various parishes throughout North America to assist them in their singing of Gregorian Chant, my music and that of other composers.

Thanks & God bless you!

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