Safe Haven For Cats

Banff, Alberta


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Safe Haven For Cats


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Richard Bandy

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Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: April 18, 2020

If you love cats and don’t want to see them suffer, donate to SAFE Haven for Cats. We will take immediate action to save cats’ lives.

For our community’s stray cats, donations literally make the difference between neglect and nurturing, hurting and health, life and death, loneliness and a loving home.SAFE Haven for Cats relies almost entirely on individual donations like yours Ready to love but unable to adopt? You can make an enormous difference in an animal’s life by sponsoring a cat until a permanent home is ready for them. Your donation will help provide food, care and necessary medical attention until a loving family comes along.

In addition, your gift helps us continue our important national and regional work:

  • To support community T/N/V/R efforts.
  • To provide low cost spay/neuter services to anyone in our community who needs them.
  • To educate our neighbors about animal welfare and behavior.
  • To prevent animal hoarding, intervening when necessary.

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