Help Alice in her cancer fight

Hillsboro, Oregon


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Help Alice in her cancer fight


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Alice Stadelman

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: September 27, 2016

Hello! My name is Nicole Stafford. My siblings and I are hoping to raise money for my mom's cancer treatment and expenses. My mom, Alice Stadelman, just recently found out that her cancer came back after going through treatment for cancer a few years ago.
      My mom was intitally diagnosed four years ago with stage four ovarian cancer. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and was told that she was cancer free.
      A couple months ago, Mom wasn't feeling right and went to the doctor for a blood test. The results came back and showed her cancer numbers were in the 300's. She had surgery this past summer and was told that the procedure went well. The next day, her stomach started to swell and she thought that something might be wrong. She had a follow-up catscan a few weeks later. The catscan revealed that the cancer had spread through the pathways that the surgery had created and had grown uncontrollably to her abdomen and ribs. She is now travelling out of network to Renton, Washington to receive weekly chemotherapy treatments.
     Alice is an adored daughter, sister, wife, mother of nine and grandmother of 4. Her family prays daily for her recovery and any extra funds will be greatly appreciated.
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