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Help Mend Dread Broken Arm


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Norman Hauser

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: October 21, 2019

On July 4, 2017 I was severely injured in an incident wherein a criminal co-worker pulled a ladder out from underneath me intentionally.
I am a Pro-Trump white male age 51 at the time and my attacker was an anti-Trump black age 28 with gold teeth and a tattoo d neck.
there was a preceding argument on a temp job that morning when i was asked to help a friend to work on a commercial a/c unit on his roof.
the argument ended with the sneak attack on my person while i was 20 feet up on the ladder. I looked down when the ladder shook to see with my own two eyes the degenerate squat , hook his arms into the bottom rung of the ladder then snatch it out to the side. The ladder slid away to the right and i had nothing supporting me. I fell 20 ft to the ground which was hard florida dirt and coral rock. The fall immediately shattered my right arm in the Proximal Humerus into 5 fragments, then as the ladder which was metal came down on top of me i reflexively blocked it with my left arm which caused it to shatter my left wrist distal ulnar. I was lucky because i landed a foot away from an old glass display case i could have fallen into and i was lucky to have just the two arms broken. I would have been in way worse condition had i broken my back, or my neck, or even my legs. Thank GOD
Because what followed was a trip to Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital that fourth of July morning. There the hospital gave me a CT Scan and charged me nearly 30,000$ for it. They put a temporary cast on it and told me i needed surgery.
Following my discharge two days later i was instructed to fill out for financial assistance but i was denied as the reason they told me was because i did not have a valid mailing address. I was working that morning for what would have been a few bucks cash without any coverage and without workman's comp. In the weeks to come as i struggled with the immense pain and endured all the tasks i needed to perform for myself i also had to search for an attorney to sue someone for this terrible occurrence! However no law firm would take my case. The rejections came over and over and in between these last 30 months i have spoken to at least one hundred attorneys. Most of whom will not take my case immediately some investigating it a while then rejecting the case. They claim my case has merits but declined to help me. The only understanding i have learned is that the one who pulled the ladder out from under me was the one responsible for my injuries and the bastard had nothing to get from him if we sued him. It seemed that the property where i was working had insurance but it would have filed for a separation due to the criminal act of another so that they wouldnt be responsible.
I live in a motorhome on a fellows property and although i have permission to live here, it is a commercial / business property so i cannot receive mail here and its not officially considered a dwelling. The hospitals financial aid assessment department told me i was "homeless" and that i had to enter and enroll myself in a scummy Miami homeless shelter in order to receive my needed surgeries. I felt that this was an extraordinary insult and a crime against my human rights, so i tried to find an attorney to sue the Jackson Hospital. I found no attorney would dare sue this facility as they claim a sovereign immunity status, you cant sue them for anything they're exempt and protected. So for over two years i have endured living with this shattered right arm. The left wrist did heal and although it hurts now everyday it is usable enough. But i am in a brace, a painful sort of plastic brace which holds together the fragments and larger humerus in my upper arm, under my armpit where the fractures are. I am limited in movement of the arm. The plastic brace irritates and infects the skin tissue, the bones move all around and I blame the hospital for this. They should have helped me better. So now i feel i cant wait any longer, i need help and asking for contributions is not my idea of who i am and what i stand for but you are all i have. I am an honest man, i work hard. I labor hard jobs to sustain myself and i advance nowhere. But now i am faced with a lifelong disability and not being able to ever get hired again on any of the jobs i used to do. I used to be a professional carpet and floor coverings expert and i was well paid for my efforts but that was before the 2008 economic crisis. then after i lost the carpet job i went to my friend in the florida keys and worked on his fishing boat. then after that i found odd jobs laboring skilled work. i am a carpenter with tools, i can frame houses. I can remodel homes bathrooms and kitchens. I know plumbing, electrical, finish work. But with this arm broken the way it is i cannot do anything. My physical strength has been disappearing, my right arm atrophying and i am getting older, i am now 53. So if i cant get passed this injury i will be welfare dependent i will be forced to be on SSI Disability which i have so far refused to apply for. I keep thinking the arm will miraculously heal but it has not yet. I eat right, i live well, i am on foodstamps, i cook for myself i have a pet dog. I want to be whole again and i really need some help. I already know the doctor i want to do the surgery. I need extensive reconstruction and now possibly a humeral head replacement rotator cuff, shaft all of that and a lot of rehabilitation too. Probably years of it. So i am screwed unless enough of your kind generous friends could give a little or give a lot to see me on my way in life once again. I want to get back to work and earning money so badly. Its not fair what happened to me, but i can overcome it i have inner strength too. I really do not know what the totals will be for my upcoming medical needs and i hope i dont low-ball it but they dont tell you how much its all going to cost so i have to guess my goal amount. I really hope i can reach it. If anyone wants to communicate with me directly my email is I will tell you if you want any additional details including what happened to the scum who did this to me.
Wish me luck!
sincerely yours,
Norman Hauser

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