Please help save my mother's life

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Please help save my mother's life


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Victor Izuogu

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: February 1, 2018


Victor Izuogu

Thank you,


I am trying to raise $3000 to fix an urgent medical issue that has hospitalized my mother four times. I took her to the hospital again yesterday . I lost my father some years ago and I am worried that I may lose my mother now.

Any help you can give using the following correspondent bank detail will be highly appreciated:

Account Number:              1561705026

Beneficiary  Name:           Global Interchange Ventures

Account No: USD  36887918


Beneficiary Bank:            First City Monument Bank Plc,

Routing number: 021000089

Swift Code: CITIUS33XXX

399 Park Avenue, New York, NY10043. USA

Correspondent Bank:     CITIBANK, New York, U.S.A

Thank you. Victor izuogu. email:

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