William Ross funeral and help his family

Northeast, Maryland


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William Ross funeral and help his family


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Josh Zimmers for the Ross family

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Josh Zimmers

I'm trying to help a family in need bill Ross recently passed away leaving behind a wife of 35 years to raise 3 grandkids on 1000 a month to pay rent electric water and a funeral anything would greatly help food bill money I pray I can help them with anything at all bill had no will he was only 58 this is my first time w/ this hope

Category: Memorials

Start Date: February 28, 2020

My dear friend Bill suddenly passed Sunday the 23rd he had no will and was the sole provider of his wife, so and raising his grandkids his wife of 35 years is now alone with no income and a service rent electric groceries and water bills to pay I wish I could bring a blessing to this family in there heartbroken life right now please feel free to message me with any questions thank you and God bless you all

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