CPA Peterborough - General Election 2019

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire


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CPA Peterborough - General Election 2019


11% funded

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Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) Peterborough

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Category: Politics

Start Date: October 29, 2019

"I've been selected to stand for the Peterborough constituency by the Christian Peoples Alliance in the forthcoming General Election December 2019.  The CPA is needed as its the only party standing to uphold marriage as God intended and support family values.  It is the only truly pro-life party committed to ending abortion.  It's the only party standing against compulsory Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) in schools, and standing with parents to protect their children from harmful LGBT indoctrination, transgenderism and explicit sex education, including at primary school.  The party supports leaving the EU now, but would grant another referendum 5 years after we've left to bring the country back together again.  It has great policies in many other areas.  Would you like to see me and the CPA on the ballot paper?  If so please support me financially.  I need a £500 deposit I am unlikely to get back and, in order to make an impact, at least another £800-£1,000 for enough leaflets to be delivered to every house in the constituency (around 55,000 homes). My target is £1,500 - and any additional money received will go to make an even more effective campaign. Thank you in anticipation."

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