Help romanian dogs

München, Bayern


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Help romanian dogs


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Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: September 29, 2017

We need your help for our 7 dogs that my mom and i Take care of them!! They live in a OPEN field where everyone see them, there are No Good people, they sometimes Call the dogcatchers to Take them But until now they escaped. It was everything Ok,me and my mom feed them everyday with No help from anybody ! Until now, somebody bought the land and cut all the trees and bushes,they dont have space or anything to hide! They dystroied everything We Did for them(cages,tents) ! We want to buy a part of the land and building something for them! To live in No fear and a Little happy !!! We never asked for help But is an urgent sittuation !! If You have a Good heart and soul please help us! God blees You ‼️‼️

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