Plattsburgh Covid-19 Public Relief Fund

Plattsburgh, New York


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Plattsburgh Covid-19 Public Relief Fund


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Plattsburgh COVID 19 Relief Fund

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Category: Community

Start Date: March 27, 2020

So I have seen a few people already post about needing help on Facebook. Food, supplies, I decided we should have a fund in place, and when this is all over we all decide where the money goes as a group using a poll. If we don't raise any money, I'm fine with that. Im just thinking maybe this is a good idea in case someone or something in our community needs extra help. If you have any input feel free to comment. We could give it away to our community nurses. I want the fund to stay put until after the number of cases start to go down in our community. Why I'm raising money I'm raising money becauae I know someone will need help when this is all over. To help is solely up to you, and if you think we should donate money to someone in our community. How donations will be used: The money will be allocated using a poll that will be held on the Plattsburgh Covid-19 coronavirus group page. The poll will take place after the "wave" of cases starts to go down.

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