La Misericordia del Senor

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La Misericordia del Senor


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Fr. Miguel Jimenez

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Arthur Cromwell

English tutor in Valencia, Venezuela, with my wife,Isa, who is an accountant

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: August 4, 2018

This is a fundraiser to help a Catholic parish in San Diego, Carabobo, Venezuela to meet its own expenses and also help the local needy with food and medicine.All donations will go directly to the parish to be administered by Fr. Miguel Jimenez who has been a local priest for about 35 years. In a recent conversation he told me that the cash offerings on a weekend did not even total $1, -- that includes 4 weekend masses. The IMF recently said the savage inflation rate in Venezuela could reach one million per cent this year, and thus it is impossible for the local churches to support their needs faced with this destructive inflation. For that reason we are opening this fundraiser. My wife and I have known Fr. Miguel for almost 7 years and have attended his church over that time, and we have 100% confidence in his dedication to use any gifts wisely and responsibly, meeting the needs of the parish and the local poor. No gift is too small or too big. Thank you.

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