Psychiatric Service Dog for Paige

Buffalo, New York


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Psychiatric Service Dog for Paige


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Paige Guetta

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Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: September 10, 2018


Hello! My name is Paige (although I go by Paxton), and I am looking to raise money to get a service dog. 
I'm getting my dog through Stephen Phillips Command Dogs! 
He does psychiatric service dogs, I need $6,250 to start, then I need $3,215 times 2!!
I'm diagnosed with: 
PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Despressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, and ADHD. 
I spend DAYS in bed, either sleeping, crying, or snacking; sometimes I'm just staring at the ceiling for hours on end. I have intense suicidal thoughts, I've attempted, and I self harm quite a bit. I rarely shower, I often forget to take my pills, I disassociate almost all the time, and I'm just a miserable mess. I'm not sure if this made any sense... But I feel as though I could really benefit from a service dog.

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