Dads Funeral

Pittsfield, Maine


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Dads Funeral


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Category: Memorials

Start Date: December 4, 2019

Please never smoke, it's very bad and it slowly kills you. my dad just died today, he was in his bed, he couldn't move because he didn't have enough oxygen to support musle movement and he is overweight. He's been smoking sence he was 15. In his bed he was so scared, he kept telling me and mom that he was going to die and that he couldn't breathe. He started to turn purple and he said for me to come hold his hand as he died, he clenched my hand tightly and moments later his hand got loose and it dropped, his whole body turned bluish purple/gray and his hand let go of mine and dropped. I said dad wake up! Please don't fall asleep, and he didn't answer, he was unresponsive. My mom walked back to our room from work and called her boss and then said that she had to cancel work to call 911. After the police officer and 2 ambulances got there they gave him medication, and breathing treatment 10 minutes later the officer comes out and says dad did not make it. My mom collapses, i start streaming tears down my face non stop. My mom says it's all her fault and the officer/paramedics try to calm her down and say even if he was surrounded by Doctors on a operating table he still could have died because his death was so quick. After that my dads corps got tooken off, then my moms boss took me and her to her house. And i played with her sons she has 3 boys 9,10,16 her 9 and 10 year old were nice enough to let me use their play station and they tought me how to play fortnite, they were really nice kids. I had a nice time but while i was there i kept having flash backs of my dad dieing and it's been happening all day, it's non stop. I fear this is going to happen all my life, it's torture watching my dad die every couple of minutes. Now my mom has to figure out a way to pay for funeral cost, and btw they force you to have a funeral, they also force a payment by law. So we're going to be forced to pay for that on top of already being poor and also having to watch my dad die. The reason im doing this is because the funeral is 7,000$ and im 14, not old enough to get a job to help my mom out in that way. You don't have to donate, i just wanted to share this story to cope with the depression and sadness.

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