Riding Everest

Cutler National Forest, Wyoming


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Riding Everest


100% funded

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Category: Education & Research

Start Date: June 12, 2018



We've surpassed our goal, but Mike is still climbing. Please continue to support Mike as he ascends to the summit for Andean Health and the people of Ecuador. All donations go directly to AHD.

Please donate! If we reach our goal of $29,029, that amount will be matched, resulting in a total of $58,058 for Andean Health & Development.

What: A new challenge from the cycling world takes fundraising to new heights. Literally. “Riding Everest” requires one cyclist to cover one climb as many times as necessary to equal the world’s tallest peak’s elevation of 29,029’. That cyclist must complete all ascents and descents within twenty-four hours. Yes, it’s a serious challenge.

Why: To help Andean Health & Development fund the final costs of building Hesburgh Hospital, a teaching facility in Santo Domingo, Ecuador on its way to financial self-sustainability.

Fund Raising Goal: $58,058 in total of which $29,029 are matching funds

When: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 

Where: Highway14E just west of Dayton, WY on the eastern side of the Bighorn mountains, up through the Cutler National Forest. The climb begins at 4,022’ and finishes at 8,346’ (4,389’ over 16.2 miles with an average gradient of 5.3% and a max of 12.2%). 

Who: Michael Heisler, MD, MPH, past Chair of AHD’s Advisory Board 

How you can help: Please donate! All gifts go directly toward Andean Health & Development.

Please contact Michael Heisler or Laura Dries for more information: 
michael.heisler@usd.edu laura.dries@andeanhealth.org

More info about AHD and its sustainable health care model for rural Latin America is available at www.andeanhealth.org.


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