Toughest twins

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Toughest twins


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Casey Knight

Molly hines little sister

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: April 26, 2017

Molly and Curtis got married in July 2012 at the young age of 18. They were soon blessed with three little boys, and when the youngest was only two months old they found out they were expecting twins! The family lived in Alabama at the time but because of how high risk the pregnancy with the twins was, Molly and Curtis had to move to Washington State. There, the health insurance was better and they also had a bigger family support system! But with moving it caused Curtis to lose his job and find something in Washington. Of course they were very excited but they had no idea of the hardship that would follow. They had doctor visits with ultra sounds and stress tests. The twins had ttts so they had to be monitored very close. The doctor scheduled their C-section for 37 weeks but the boys had other plans. Molly at 34 weeks pregnant woke up in labor and by the time they made it to the hospital, Lincoln was breached and part way delivered so they rushed her back for an emergency C-section. Lincoln was born non-responsive and with a broken collar bone weighing 5.1 lbs. Dakota was born 4.9 lbs. They were both taken to the nicu where they stayed for 20 days to learn how to eat and breathe. The boys were finally able to come home on Thursday and Friday but that was very short lived because on Monday night Molly and Curtis noticed that Lincoln’s color was off so they decided to take him in to get checked. Thank goodness they did, within a couple minutes of walking into the hospital, Lincoln was completely apnic he wouldn’t breathe on his own. They kept bagging him to keep him breathing until the life flight team could get there to transfer him to a bigger hospital with a picu (where Lincoln would end up staying for a month getting poked every 2-4hours to test his blood) he was also put on the ventilator for just over 2 weeks. When they took him off of it and put him on C pap he popped a whole in his lung. They didn't know until his stats crashed and no heart beat was found. The nurses immediately popped a big needle in his chest so they could drain the air out. They also did an X-ray which showed a huge air pocket in his chest. It was so big it collapsed his other lung and the pressure was squeezing his heart so it couldn't beat. Dakota decided to join his brother 2 days after Lincoln was admitted. He also spent over a month in the icu with Lincoln. They both had RSV which is very deadly for preemies. The boys had many IV’s, a pic line and Lincoln had an IV in his jugular and Dakota had one in his artery in his leg. These little fighters were so strong through all their treatment. Lincoln is now healthy and doing much better at 11lbs! Dakota is still fighting. He is on a feeding tube because his lungs were very damaged and they don't want food to be aspirated up into the lungs with his awful reflux. Molly and Curtis were able to get their insurance to cover all of the hospital bills, (over 3 million). But the insurance is now fighting and not wanting to pay for the twin’s home care, feeding tube, and reflux medicines! With Molly and Curtis having 5 boys under the age of 4, you can imagine the toll it is taking on the family. Anything you can give to help this young, struggling family is greatly appreciated!

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