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Angel of Our Time Foundation


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Anthony Cella

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Category: Volunteer & Mission

Start Date: March 9, 2017


Angels of Our Time Foundation:
Is a Non Profit Organisation dedicated to building an effective
grassroots and humanitarian assistance to:

1.Displace war victims
3.H.I.V and Aids victims
4.Conflicts resolution and strategic planning 5.Widows
6.People Living in refugee camps

Angels of Our Time Foundation works closely with grassroots and faith-based
organizations, student groups and private sector to raise public
awareness and find innovative ways to address this neglected
humanitarian catastrophe.

Angels of Our Time Foundation is to create an active network of concerned citizens in
the world especially among college students and school-age children in
order to inform and to appoint a special envoy to oversee a successful
peace negotiation to put an end to war, the dismantlement of camps,
the resettlement and rehabilitation of the displaced population and a
comprehensive program of reconstruction, youth education and training
especially for young girls.

Promote a comprehensive program for youth therapy and rehabilitation,
education and leadership training and the revival of sports for the
thousands of children and youth who have known nothing but war and

Angels of Our Time Foundation is unique in that its vision and programs are driven by
selected few who are deeply informed by onsite connections and whose
commitments go beyond rhetoric. Angel of hope has formed partnership
with established local organizations, religious leaders and private

Board of Directors

Captain Reuben James founder of Angels of hope serving in US ARMY in
charge of Medical support to war zones. Kind. Loving and God
fearing has received medals of honor for saving lots of life at war

Sister Mary Campbell a co-founder is a sister with the catholic church
well traveled has been given religious counselling to war victims who
have lost love ones. She is also in charge of the welfare, physical
and spiritual needs Also education of thousands of refugees from the
many African countries, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, south Africa, Sudan,
Ethiopia and Liberia.
She is a God fearing, Loving, and kind gentle lady

Dr Anthony Cella is a Philanthropist with a good heart 

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